Challenges to Islamic Identity of Pakistan

State of Islamic Republic of Pakistan was established on the basis of Islamic ideology but with the passage of time it has faced challenges to maintain its ideology. There is need for projecting the Challenges to Islamic Identity of Pakistan at national level so as concerted efforts are made to face these challenges to protect and maintain the very basis on which Islamic Republic of Pakistan came into being. The essence of Two Nation Theory and foundation of struggle of Muslims of subcontinent for separate homeland has been achieving a state where Islamic regulations and teachings will be practiced in letter and spirit. Keeping in view threat of obliteration to this identity of Pakistan, MUSLIM Institute organized a seminar on "Challenges to Islamic Identity of Pakistan" on July 16, 2012 at Best Western Hotel Islamabad. Eminent intellectuals, scholars, analysts and researchers participated in this seminar. Detailed proceedings of the seminar enclosed in the PDF document below.

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