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Report of RTD on Sufi Teachings of Islam as Teaching of Global Peace

Research think-tank MUSLIM Institute organized a Round Table Discussion on the topic of “Sufi Teachings of Islam as Teaching of Global Peace” on Tuesday 10th December 2013 in National Library of Pakistan, Islamabad.


Shaibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali
Chairman MUSLIM Institute

Chairman MUSLIM Institute Shaibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali said that in Subcontinent as well as Far East the Sufis have played the most significant and pivotal role to spread Islam. As in Subcontinent (India), we believe that Data Ali Al-Hijweri and Moeen-u-din Ajmeri were the most dynamic personalities to preach Islam, In Indonesia also, two important personalities Sheikh Noor u-Din Ali Al-Reenary and Sheikh Hamza Al-Fansoory are beacons of light.

Sufis have tried to preserve this universality of Islam. It is an undeniable fact that Sufis played vital role in promoting Islamic teachings throughout the world. Their behavior practically manifested golden principles of Islam. Besides, they preserved the same in their writings. They strived to protect Islam against sectarian, extremist and biased tendencies as Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo says:

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“I am neither Sunni nor Shia; this division hurts me.”

Sufi is not representative of any sect; his sole identity is Islam. He considers such divisions as detrimental to Ummah and discards them. It is against the very essence of Sufism to represent or promote any sect. They are promoters of harmony, peace, equality and purity of inner self. Khankahi Nizam is the great institution which deals with people without any discrimination of religion, sect, race, and color etc. Contemporary social and welfare organizations have derived inspiration from Khankahi Nizam to serve the people.



Dr. H. Agus. Maftuh Abegebriel
Member faculty of Shariah/Islamic Law Faculty, State Islamic University, Sunan Kalijaga, & Director Siyasa Research Institute, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Speaker from Indonesia Dr. H. Agus. Maftuh Abegebriel member faculty of Shariah / Islamic Law Faculty, State Islamic University, SunanKalijaga, & Director Siyasa Research Institute, Yogyakarta, Indonesia said that Sufis played cpnstructive role for the humanity. Their hallmark was devotion to Almighty and service to humanity. Sufis came in Indonesia for preaching of Islam from Sub-continent and Arab. In Indonesia where my University is situated that place is called in Arabic as “Place of Six Sufis/Saints”.

Sufis use the language of love; keep space for peace in their heart, tolerance and passions for the local community due to that they become a powerful moral force in the society. They believed in Mahabbah (Love of God), Maa’rifah (Knowledge of God) and Tawhid (Unification of God). In Indonesia Islam was spread neither by political power nor by Muslim jurists, it was done by Sufis, who were very tolerant to local culture. Sufis are moderate and derive religious thought from Quran, Prophetic Traditions and also from the use of reasoning, enriched by empirical reality. In the light of Sufi’s teachings of Islam, it is our responsibility to promote it and show the world that Islam is moderate religion and likes peace but with protection of rights of humanity and Muslims.


Burhan Muhammad
Ambassador of Indonesia

Ambassador of Indonesia His Excellency Burhan Muhammad thanked MUSLIM Institute and its Chairman Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali for organizing this seminar. He said that Sufis are the promoters of harmony and peace. This harmony and peace is the real face of Islam and we need to show this real face of Islam to the world by our character. Sufism has the power to attract people of different faiths as it treats humanity equally. He further said that peace is the universal message of Islam and Sufism; with this power they spread Islam everywhere and specially in Indonesia and Pakistan. In the contemporary period, there is a need to revive the Sufi teachings with its true spirit for the restoration of peace and survival of humanity in the whole world.


Mr. Hamid Saeed Kazmi
Former Federal Minister of Religious Affairs

Former Federal Minister of Religious Affairs Mr. Hamid Saeed Kazmi, in his concluding remarks, said that Sufis serve Islam and humanity in the best manner. They educate people who serve others and preach Islam. He said that people who are creating disturbance in current times do not belong to Sufism as Sufis spread love and harmony not violence and bloodshed, and he quoted that in Indonesia and Malaysia Islam was not spread by conquerors or militants but by Sufis with their power of strong character.


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