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Report of Walk on Kashmir Solidarity Day

MUSLIM Institute organized a walk on Kashmir Solidarity Day from Kalsoom Plaza to China Chowk Blue Area Islamabad on February 05, 2018. A large number of people from different walks of life including civil society, political and social sector, students, lawyers and journalists participated. Head of department of center of policy studies COMSATS, Former Ambassador Ms. Fozia Nasreen, Leader of APCH Abdul Hameed Lone, Mr. Altaf Wani, Former Minister Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Ms. Farzana Yaqoob, and Public Relations Coordinator MUSLIM Institute Mr. Tahir Mahmood led the walk. Participants of walk were carrying placards inscribed with slogans of condemnation of state terrorism by India, Kashmiris’ right of self-determination, appreciation for their freedom struggle, solidarity with them, and urging international community to play its due role for resolution of the long outstanding issue and fulfill its pledges made with Kashmiri people.

Speakers expressed following views on the occasion;

Kashmir Solidarity Day stresses the fact that people of Indian occupied Kashmir are not alone in the struggle against tyrannical Indian occupation and entire Pakistani nation is with them in true letter and spirit. This day is being commemorated since 1990 to draw the attention of international community towards the Kashmir issue. Basically, Pakistani nation celebrates Kashmir Solidarity Day to express its commitment to the cause of Kashmir. Kashmiris pay deepest regards to Pakistan for advocating their case on international arena. On this particular day, Pakistan and the whole nation of Pakistan pays tribute to Kashmiri people of their struggle for self-determination, their struggle for their fundamental right which is given by International Law and to their rightful liberation against Indian occupied armed forces. Every nation has right to exercise political freedom according to their collective will.

In 1949, United Nations conferred the right of plebiscite to the people of Kashmir. However, it couldn’t be actualized due to stubborn and irrational behavior of the Indian government. India forcefully occupied the Kashmir by deploying heavily armed forces. Role of Muslim countries under the umbrella of OIC have also been unable to play effective role in the resolution of Kashmir issue. Kashmiris are presenting sacrifices and bearing intense oppressions since last seven decades. Today’s message for international community is that no matter how much Kashmiris are ignored, people of Kashmir will continue to remind the world about gravity of Kashmir issue and their right of self-determination. If this issue is not settled properly, hope of peace in the region will be fruitless.

India must be clear that Kashmir is integral part of Pakistan, historically, geographically, ideologically and culturally. International community must also understand the fact that youth like Burhan Wani will be sacrificing their lives till the dawn of independence in Kashmir. Despite the heinous crimes and oppressions committed by Indian forces, Kashmiris will continue to chant slogans of independence. Pakistan and Kashmir revolve around each other and Kashmir is lifeline of Pakistan. Martyrs of Kashmir movement are laid to rest in the flag of Pakistan.

The way Kashmiris are holding their grounds in front of the Indian oppression, it is imperative upon civil society, institutions, forces, government, religious, political and social organizations of Pakistan to lobby for the rights of Kashmir at all international forums. Effective diplomacy must be enforced to unveil and pressurize India. Although India is not allowing access to humanitarian organization in Kashmir, social and electronic media must be employed to fulfill the task. Despite wreaking havoc against Kashmiris, Indian media is continuously propagandizing against Pakistan. It must be countered effectively through media campaign and Indian oppressions in the Kashmir should be given due coverage.

No matter how many cruelties India perpetrate against Kashmiris, they will never surrender and agree to accept the status quo. Although former Indian premier Jawahar Laal Nehru agreed to the right of plebiscite, Kashmiris were never given choice and India usurped their independence with power. International community solved the issue of East Taimur and Bosnia and a number of new states came into being after 1957. However, Kashmiris were not awarded their legitimate.

Ignorance and lack of understanding of Kashmir conflict is a hurdle to its resolution. Unfortunately, World media and human rights originations do not highlight the Indian brutalities in Kashmir due to their own economic and strategic interests. We should continue our diplomatic support to Kashmir till it gets its right of self-determination under UN resolutions which acknowledge it as disputed territory and agree to resolve this issue on consensus base. Speakers also commended MUSLIM Institute for playing effective role to highlight Kashmir issue on national and international level. Other religious, social and political organizations should follow its footsteps. It is our common responsibility to strive for success of Kashmir movement through speeches, writings and processions.


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