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SECOND SESSION Report of Seminar on Palestine Conflict : Obliteration of Human Rights

Research based think tank; “MUSLIM Institute”, in collaboration with, “World Muslim Congress”, organized a Seminar; “Palestine Conflict: Obliteration of Human Rights” on Monday, 11th August 2014, at Islamabad Club, Islamabad. Renowned national and international politicians, scholars, diplomats, dignitaries and luminaries participated in this Seminar. The event was attended by foreign delegates, intellectuals, researchers, politicians, parliamentarians, academicians, students and journalists. The Seminar consisted of two sessions; below is the report of the second session. Public Relation Coordinator MUSLIM Institute, Tahir Mehmood moderated the proceeding of second Session.


World’s Silence over the War Crimes in Palestine & Role of Muslim World & Leaders (Video Link Address)
Mr Temel Karamollaoglu
Vice Chairman Saadet Party Turkey

The Zionists consider themselves the chosen people and consider that others are created to serve them. Decision to establish Israel was taken in World Zionist Congress in 1897. Caliphate of Ottoman Empire opposed this idea and thus Zionists removed the caliphate and afterwards the empire was abolished. Under the driving force of Zionists, after 2nd World War the state of Israel was established with the consent of Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin by UN in 1948. Today Zionist lobby controls big banks, business and economy of world. Israel is committing war crimes in Palestine but no one wants to take action against it. UN and west is not taking actions against Israeli atrocities however there is growing sense of human rights among young groups of these countries. We can hope in the long run these youngsters can influence political leaders to take the appropriate decisions.

Muslim countries should take action against Israeli brutality in Gaza and develop mutual policy otherwise today what is happening in Gaza, can happen tomorrow in any of our countries. Muslim countries have relations with European countries and they don’t want to put these relations at risk. On the other hand many Muslim countries have no relations with each other. The public of Muslim countries feels the pain of the oppressed people of Gaza. There is a vacuum of leadership among Muslims but we have the capability of becoming respected nations in the world.


Special Remarks
His Excellency Nedim Makarevic
Ambassador of Bosnia & Herzegovina to Pakistan

I wasn’t supposed to speak today but my emotions didn’t allow me to keep silent. Bosnia suffered a very serious war during 1992-95 and had some support of world community. Today I ask the whole world why are they so deaf about Palestine? UN has always played an ineffective role for Palestine issue as it did for Bosnia crisis so we shouldn’t expect much from it. Since sixty years there is no support for Palestine especially by OIC and Muslim world and we should be ashamed of ourselves. Muslim countries should have no economic ties with the countries that support Israel for genocide in Palestine.


Special Remarks
His Excellency Maj Gen (R) Moosa Ali Jaleel
High Commissioner of Maldives to Pakistan

Israeli offensive launched on Gaza strip is condemnable. Helpless and defenseless Palestinians are being killed. Israeli army is attacking civilians and destroying the infrastructure and civilian properties. Israel is violating the international humanitarian laws which are unacceptable. President of Maldives has condemned the continued aggression and violations of human rights by Israel which is deliberate massacre of civilians. The president urges Israel to end the air strikes and take care of human rights of Palestinians. He also urged Israel to lift the blockade of Gaza and leave the occupied Palestinian territories including East Jerusalem and to return on the negotiating table. We have also requested UN to take timely actions against the Israeli offensive towards the Palestinian people. Maldives also called for ceasefire and urged Israel to stop strikes in Gaza. Maldives believes UNSC to take stronger actions as provided by UN charter to stop Israeli aggression in Palestine. We urge international community to make all efforts to find a stable and lasting solution to the crisis in Middle East.

Our country has banned imports from Israel. We call the countries providing assistance and arms to Israel to immediately stop providing it. International commission should be dispatched for investigation of violation of international laws by Israel. In addition of government, many Maldivian political parties, NGOs and individuals have shown solidarity with the Palestinians by mass protests and people are providing relief funds to the affected people of Gaza.


End All US Aid to Israel (Video Link Address)
Ms Sara Flounders
Co-Director of the International Action Center (IAC), USA

Great crime is being committed against the Palestinian people in Gaza where thousands have died and more than ten thousand have been injured. Many houses, hospitals and schools have been destroyed. USA is paying for such crimes since over six decades. Half a billion dollar military funds are being provided to Israel. US financial support to Israel is main source of destabilizing Palestine and Middle Eastern region. President Obama is bombing Iraq to stop genocide but Washington would never tell Tel Aviv to stop genocide against the Palestinian people taking place in Gaza. Rather it takes this opportunity to provide more weapons to Israel.

US supported military coup in Egypt to abolish elected nonviolent government due to its strategic interests in the region. US strategic interests are to dominate the world and its markets. I think in Palestine the great threat is the announcement of united Fatah-Hamas government because the intentions were to ‘divide and rule’. US intentions are even to divide Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and Palestine into tiny segments. Israel has no future. Palestinians are showing their resistance against Israel. Pakistan has always shown its solidarity with Palestine.


Special Remarks
His Excellency Dr Hasrul Sani Bin Mujtabar
High Commissioner of Malaysia to Pakistan

The way Sara Flounders talked gives us hope that humanity is still alive. Issue of Palestine is not of one religion but of whole humanity. Israel has committed a lot of atrocities. There is no justification for what they have done with Palestinians. Occupation of Palestine and humiliation of people of Palestine especially children and women since last six decades is crime against humanity. Present Israeli president is an extreme rightist leader, very clever but a heartless human being. He uses issue of Hamas and tunnels as justification to attack Gaza but the suppression of Palestinians is older than Hamas. Gaza is a big concentration camp, how will people get food there? They use tunnels for obtaining food and for their survival. All the big media is showing Israel as victim and justifying the Israeli aggression and not telling that actually Israel is the occupier.

Israel has support from international community. Main supplier of weapons to Israel should be imposed sanctions. Anyone looking to become president of US needs support of Zionist entity. All the members of US Congress are in favor of Israel. In America criticism on God is allowed but criticism on Israel is not possible. After five weeks of bombardment, OIC just came with one statement of condemnation. The collective attitude of Muslim Ummah is nowhere. We have to improve capacity by improving in science and technology and in education as there are no short cuts. We should go beyond national interests and think of whole Ummah and be united. Strength of mighty has limits but strength of Almighty has no limits.


Remarks by Chief Guest
Gen (R) Mirza Aslam Beg
Former Chief of Army Staff, Pakistan

Fate of this war depends on two things, weapon system and judgment by Israel when they accept defeat and find peace. Israel attacked brutally at Lebanon but the ultimate decision was done by simple free flight rockets fired on Israel. Hizbullah saturated Israel with free flight rockets. Missile defense systems have limitations and when hundreds or thousands of rockets are being fired simultaneously, the defense system cannot possibly intercept all. Exactly this happened after seven days of missiles firing, Israel found it unbearable and they ordered their army to come on ground to neutralize it and then they were defeated. Now more or less same is happening in case of Hamas. Israel has failed to destroy command and control system of Hamas.

In Afghanistan in 1988, Soviets gave a message that they want to leave because the fine judgment has made them that they have lost the war. The same is the case with Americans in Afghanistan and they have lost the war seven years ago but prolonging it and now coming to a point for final withdrawal from Afghanistan. Same is the case with Israel and they have to make the final judgment now.

When this kind of barbarity continues against the people of Palestine, if there is no inclusive govt., no justice, certainly something will happen that neither Israel nor their allies can control. There is always a limit up to which oppressed people of a region cannot go beyond. So there is the final decision that has to come from Israel.


Special Remarks
His Excellency Mr. Walid Abu Ali
Ambassador of Palestine to Pakistan

I am thankful to MUSLIM Institute for arranging this seminar where we have people showing solidarity with Palestine. Whenever Israeli govt. is pushed in a corner, they either attack on Gaza/ West Bank or South Lebanon. Locally Israel was held responsible for collapse of peace talks and peace negotiations because Israel insisted to continue on their policies of settlements, in Jerusalem and changing its geography and demography by expanding settlements all over the territory. Second reason is reconciliation between Palestinians; due to which Israel was unhappy. Third reason on local basis is Israel is going through primary elections. On regional basis, countries are busy with internal challenges and Arab Spring which gives courage to Israeli PM to carry out offensive against Palestinians because Palestine is not top priority for the Muslim Ummah. Third dimension is Israel’s international priorities. Americans have been witnessing the peace negotiations process since last two decades. Last process lasted for nine months sponsored by US, administrated and witnessed by John Kerry, but all were unable to convince Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu who refused to release the Palestinian prisoners and to stop its settlement policy.

Then is the issue of the missing three settlers for which Palestinians were accused to be responsible but up to this time, nobody knows who captured, kidnapped or killed them. Then a Palestinian holding American passport was kidnapped by Israeli Jewish priest. International community, due to its double standards, could not condemn the way the Palestinian was killed. By Israel; Hamas, Fatah, Palestinians anywhere in the world are targeted without distinction. Israel arrested 160 persons including seventeen parliamentarians of Palestine. More than six thousand Palestinians are in Israeli custody.

Media has to realize who started this aggression. By all international laws, we have the right to defend ourselves. Israelis are brilliant in promoting themselves as victims because they manage two critical tools, double M (Money & Media) at international level. We agreed to establish state of Palestine on 22% of total historical Palestinian area because international community pushed us to corner to accept it. We accepted it to stop bleeding in the region. Stability in the region can never be achieved without a comprehensive solution of the Palestine issue. I am proud that hearts of 180 million Pakistanis are with Palestinians. Palestine needs actions more than demonstrations and needs the support of Muslim Ummah.


Concluding Remarks
Ambassador (R) Muhammad Aslam Rizvi
Foreign Affairs Expert

The root cause of ongoing conflict is an incremental increase of Israeli settlements that is taking place in Palestinian occupied territories. Israel has justified its attacks but Nuremberg trial stated, “the aggressor cannot rely upon self-defense to justify violence against resistance to its own aggression.… Terrorism is about deliberately killing civilians for illegal political ends” and in that enterprise Israel itself is guilty. Time has now come when we do not need only for another ceasefire but to find the root cause of this conflict.

One of the most important aspects is economic cast. We are witnessing that cast for Israel is now reaching on tipping point. There has started a movement, focused on the business world to stop Israel in the endeavor to make settlements. For example provider of surveillance equipment, tractors to use bulldoze the Palestinian houses, the Banks which cooperate providing weapons have all forced to reconsider their position; even EU has taken up this matter. Within Israel there are organizations that have started campaigning for imposing economic sanctions, boycotts and so on Israel. Side by side, focusing on human rights violations by Israel as references, as proposed by Palestinians foreign minister, to go to international criminal court and by the ICJ which has room that the settlements and the walls that have been made are against international law and the world is legally bound to take actions against it. It is time that we should be taking actions and time has come for Palestine.


Vote of Thanks
Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali
Chairman MUSLIM Institute

Ladies & gentlemen, Excellencies, honorable guests, I thank all of you for your participation in this seminar and for giving serious attention to the Gaza Cause. We will publish the proceedings and the declaration of the seminar formally, which will be sent to international media and all diplomatic channels. Thanks to all of you for your kind attention.

Declaration of the Seminar

We, the Politicians, Diplomats, Scholars and Human Right activists as participants of the seminar “Palestine Conflict: Obliteration of Human Rights” held on 11th day of August, 2014 organized by MUSLIM Institute in collaboration of The World Muslim Congress in Islamabad;

Strongly condemn the Siege of Gaza; merciless, cruel and inhumane genocide of the innocent citizens of Palestine and illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories.

We highlight that despite the demonstrations around the world in support of Palestinians, it has not changed the course of ruthless tyranny by Israel. Any suggestion to stop this bloodshed has been dismissed with impunity by Israeli Prime Minister. Commission of such crime is impossible without support of international powers. We strongly denounce the double standards of world players with regards to crimes against humanity. The International community must realize that it bears equal responsibility to each unwarranted loss of human life and should play a proactive and impartial role for the solution of this crisis.

We underscore that the organizations working to maintain peace and preservation of human rights have failed in their responsibility of maintaining peace and protecting the rights and lives of People of Palestine. Infliction of collective punishment and disproportionate use of force by Israel against innocent civilians are in clear violation of the 1949 Geneva Convection relating to the protection of civilians in time of war. International forums like UN, ICJ, human right organizations should take notice of this Israeli crime and also take firm actions to stop the violation of International Laws.

We emphasize that OIC should be significantly empowered collectively by Muslim states into an effective and credible body representing a unified stance of Muslim world; and successfully handle the threats and challenges posed to the latter especially the Palestine Issue. Muslim countries should stand together in restricting diplomatic, economic, military ties with countries that support Israel in order to pressurize them not to support Israel. Muslim leadership bears more responsibility to stand for innocent and oppressed people of Palestine.

We appreciate the Latin American countries; Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, El Salvador, Chile Argentina, Ecuador and Uruguay for their support to the oppressed Palestinian People and for severing their diplomatic ties with Israel. We also appreciate steps taken by South African government against Israeli goods to be labelled as made in Occupied Palestinian Territory. Such actions are necessary to compel Israel to refrain from crimes against humanity. We also hold in high esteem individuals who have been fighting on all diplomatic and individual levels for the Palestinian cause; esp. for the imposition of trade and arms embargoes on Israel.

There are 5 Million Palestinians living in neighboring countries as refugees. We unanimously support their right of return to their homeland. We vehemently emphasize that the siege of Gaza strip by Israel should be lifted immediately and medicines, food and other humanitarian relief goods should be supplied to the suffering people of Gaza. We once again condemn Israel’s illegal policies and practices and expansionist plans, foremost settlement activities, in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, which constitutes the State of Palestine, and reiterating that such policies and practices endanger international peace and security, are denigrating the contiguity of the State of Palestine, are the major obstacle to the resumption of a credible peace process, and threaten the prospects for attaining a peaceful solution to the conflict.

At the end of session, seminar souvenirs were presented to the honorable guests.

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