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The MUSLIM Institute undertakes a variety of initiatives on issues which have profound impact on Pakistan and the region of South Asia. We are also deeply involved in looking for solutions to contemporary issues affecting the Muslim Community as a whole. As a Think Tank we carry out research as well as employ various other systematic ways of analyzing the issues objectively and thoroughly to arrive at workable options of problem solving.

Some of our activities are listed here:

  • Holding Round Table Discussions
  • Organizing Sessions with Experts
  • Seminars & Conferences
  • Publishing Reports and Newsletters
  • Preparing Documentaries
  • Preparing Research Papers
  • Releasing research-oriented Opinion Pieces
  • Multiple Cultural Events

Currently areas of focus are under following heads:

Kashmir Desk

Highlighting plight of people of Indian Occupied Kashmir at international level; reminding international community particularly UNO to honor its pledges with regard to resolution of Kashmir dispute.

International Affairs Desk

Analysis of prevailing and rising trends across globe from Middle East to Africa, from Asia to Europe to evaluate implications of the same on the Muslim Ummah as well as Pakistan and recommend ways to tackle the same effectively; study internal challenges of Pakistan and also dynamics of its external relations to prepare workable proposals for policymakers to reap maximum benefits.

Hadrat Sultan Bahoo Desk

Promote pacifist teachings of Sufis to curb darkness of hatred, racism and xenophobia through values of love, kindness and compassion, ardently espoused and practiced by mystics.

Shariah Fiqh and Islamic Jurisprudence Desk

Improve our understanding of Islamic injunctions; make the world aware of the relevance of the same in contemporary and emerging challenges; revitalize Muslim thinking and ignite the spirit of inquiry for revival of Ijtihad; also explore common grounds for bridging divisions among Muslims.

Establishing a College

For imparting knowledge, developing skills and inculcating high values among future leaders in an institutionalized way to make them role model human beings in individual capacity as well as responsible citizens of the state to transform it according to dreams of the Founding Father Quaid e Azam.

Expenses incurred on these activities are met through donations by generous persons.

The MUSLIM Institute welcomes donations from like-minded individuals and corporate bodies. We need your support to sustain ongoing activities as well as for future projects.