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Rally in Solidarity with Kashmiris
Organized by
MUSLIM Institute

MUSLIM Institute organized a rally on Saturday July 23, 2016 from China Chowk to National Press Club, Islamabad in solidarity with Kashmiris and to raise voice against the human rights violations and atrocities in Indian Occupied Kashmir by Indian security forces. Participants of rally were holding placards and banners displaying tribute for struggle of Kashmiris, solidarity with them, condemning state terrorism and especially the current wave of murders and injuries of many innocent young people and children at the hand of Indian forces. Moreover, placards inscribed with the need for the role of international human rights organization against the violence and brutality in Occupied Kashmir, the role of international community to resolve Kashmir Issue and the right of self-determination according to UN resolutions were also displayed. Chairman Senate Standing Committee for Defense Production, Lt. Gen. (R) Senator Abdul Qayyum Malik, former Senator Mr. Zafar Ali Shah, Hurriyat Leader Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Safi, Sardar Wazir Ahmed Jogezai and Mr. Altaf Wani along with large number of people from civil society, social and political personalities, former ambassadors, university teachers and students, lawyers, journalists and individuals from different walks of life participated in the rally.


While addressing the rally, the speakers expressed their views that India cannot veil the atrocities and oppression being done by its security forces in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir; this news is spreading over the globe. World media is also giving some coverage to this issue. The world has come to know that Indian armed forces are not only killing Kashmiris but also making young people intentionally blind and handicap. India has increased the suppression and brutality in Kashmir for last 15 days. Therefore, Kashmiri people are still protesting on 15th day and India has used its excessive power to control the protest. In Kashmir, India is carrying on state terrorism through aggression and killings to stop Kashmiri people from demanding right of self-determination. Kashmiris are not making an illegal and unjust demand but they are expecting from India and international community to act upon their historical promises made to them in form of UN resolutions. On the other hand, India is trying to declare peaceful movement for right of self-determination as separatist movement. India must realize that Kashmir has never been part of India so it could not be declared a separatist movement. Kashmir is the unfinished agenda of partition plan whose fate has to be decided yet since last seven decades according to the will of the people. When the British rule ended in Sub-continent then at time of partition people of Kashmir decided to accede to Pakistan on July 19, 1947. Afterward Maharaja of Kashmir also signed standstill agreement with Pakistan but India with conspiracy and illegal instrument of accession occupied Jammu & Kashmir on October 27, 1947. On intense reaction of Kashmiris and protest of Pakistan, India took this issue to UNSC where a resolution passed in the favor of right of self-determination for people of Jammu & Kashmir on which both India and Pakistan agreed. Afterwards India didn’t fulfill its promises. Kashmiri struggle against illegal Indian occupation is continue from 1947.


Speakers also said that India, in order to hide its evil designs, is doing a false propaganda of declaring freedom movement of Kashmiri people as terrorism where as in the light of resolution of UN, Kashmiris struggle is freedom movement not the terrorism. Why International community is unable to notice state terrorism being committed by India in IOK. State terrorism lead by Narendra Modi is confiscating the rights of children, women and unarmed civilians and now even the eyes, nose and ears of Kashmiri people are not safe from Indian state terrorism. Kashmir is an international issue and if the world wants peace in the region then Kashmir issue will have to be resolved.

League of Nations was established soon after the WW I which failed to maintain international peace. Therefore, United Nations was established after the WW II in order to ensure international peace. Unfortunately, since its inception, one of the oldest outstanding dispute before UN is the Kashmir dispute and it seems that the whole international community is indifferent towards this dispute. Pakistan’s standing over the dispute is in accordance with the charter of UN in which full support of the oppressed Kashmiris has been pledged. Our view point is also in line with that article of UN in which protection of human rights has been ensured irrespective of territory, religion or country. But India is not only violating human rights in Kashmir but also trying to legalize severe violations. POTA and other draconian laws implemented in the occupied state by India reveal that any house there can be raided without any permission. There is no room for such violations in any civilized society of the world but it is legal in Kashmir.


Recent referendum in Britain regarding their stay in EU speaks clear of the immense importance of public opinion. Despite the strong will of the government and opposition to stay in EU, they preferred public opinion. Whereas the Kashmir dispute has become the matter of life and death for Kashmiris in the wake of sexual harassment, extrajudicial killings, mass graves, children and the youth are mercilessly getting blind. This voice must be raised vociferously so that people may get the chance of deciding their future by themselves.

Kashmiris are struggling since last 70 years but the world scenario has been changed, now it is an era of media and social media. In past it was easy for the governments to suppress any voice. Europeans were not able to know that there is any country like Pakistan and knowing Kashmir is out of question. Today we are having the power of social media. With the positive use of this power, we can make the world aware regarding these severe human rights violations. Speakers emphasized the need to become the voice of Kashmiris. They further described that Pakistan is playing its role and at the public level every loyal Pakistani and Muslim should play his role and keep on informing the world regarding Indian atrocities through social media and other means. Today, nine million Pakistanis are living abroad. They can play their constructive role in this regard. India will not be able to extend this cruelty. And the day is not so far when Kashmiris will embrace independence. And Kashmir shall be part of Pakistan as per wishes of Kashmiris.


Speakers emphasized that while promoting state terrorism, India is killing helpless, innocent Kashmiris. There should be an independent inquiry of those suffering with extrajudicial killings, sexual harassment, missing persons and draconian laws. Speakers called upon the human rights organizations and the champions of democracy, why are they unable to play their role regarding cruelties in Kashmir? Speakers demanded that India should be declared a terrorist country by the international community.

At the end of the rally a resolution was submitted to the Chief Security Advisor of UN in Pakistan Parakrama Siriwardana, addressing to the Secretary General of United Nations Mr. Ban Ki-Moon to take notice of the recent cruel actions of India in IOK, which also stated that wails and woes of Kashmiri people, struggling for their right of self-determination remind UNO to play its role to resolve the issue according to UNSC resolutions by providing the basic human right (right of self-determination) to the people of Jammu & Kashmir.


(Left to Right) Sheikh Abdul Mateen. Sardar Wazir Ahmad Jogzai and Ghulam Muhammad Safi


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