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A Rally on
Kashmir Solidarity Day
Organized by
MUSLIM Institute

On ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’, MUSLIM Institute organized a rally from China Chowk to National Press Club Islamabad where large number of people from different walks of life including members of civil society, political and social sector, students, lawyers and journalists participated in the same. The rally was well organized and conducted in very disciplined and peaceful manner. Participants of rally carried placards and banners displaying slogans about Kashmiris’ right of self-determination, appreciation for their freedom struggle, solidarity with them, condemnation of state terrorism by Indian forces and urging international community to play its due role and fulfil its pledges made with Kashmiri people. MNA Mr. Babar Nawaz Khan, leader APHC Mr. Khadim Hussain, advisor to president AJK Mr. Ghulam Nabi Butt, Amb (R) Mr. Asif Ezdi, Renowned columnist Mr. Rana Abdul Baqi, and Coordinator MUSLIM Institute Mr. Tahir Mehmood were speakers on the occasion.


While addressing the participants of rally, the speakers said that Pakistani nation stands with Kashmiri people and will continue every kind of political, diplomatic and moral support till freedom from Indian occupying forces. Kashmir is unresolved agenda of partition plan of British India. Indian forces illegally occupied Jammu & Kashmir through military aggression against the will of people. Afterwards it refused implementing United Nation’s resolutions which dispense the right of self-determination to Kashmiri people. Indian armed forces have martyred thousands of innocent and unarmed Kashmiris, struggling for their independence and rights. Indian military aggression has killed thousands of innocent and unarmed Kashmiris, children have been made orphan and women widows and half widows. Third generation of Kashmiri people is in struggle and raising their voice for independence. Draconian laws have been enforced in Occupied Kashmir by India to suppress the demand for self-determination by the people.

Indian leaders are aware of the fact that Kashmiris would never give up so they have started Hindu settlements in Jammu & Kashmir so that demography of Kashmir is influenced in such a way that Muslim majority could be reduced and in its aftermath the result of any plebiscite could be of their desire.


Speakers said that Kashmir is not a religious, geographical or linguistic dispute but an issue of basic human rights. The peace of entire region depends on the resolution of Kashmir dispute. Kashmir issue should be resolved in conformity with UNSC resolutions in line with the will of people of Kashmir on humanitarian basis and international community should play an effective role for this.

At the end of the rally a resolution was submitted to the resident coordinator Neil Buhne, addressing to the secretary general of United Nations Mr. Ban Ki-Moon;which stated that wails and woes of Kashmiri people, struggling for their right of self-determination remind UNO to play its role to resolve the issue according to UNSC resolutions by providing the basic human right (right of self-determination) to the people of Jammu & Kashmir.


The Human Rights Watch has documented several failures to ensure protection of human rights in Indian Held Kashmir. The Amnesty International has also pointed out grave human rights violations in the Indian occupied Kashmir by indicating: “The Indian government’s disregard for human rights in Jammu and Kashmir means that the Muslim majority population in the Kashmir valley suffers from the repressive tactics of the security forces in the shape of draconian laws.”

On the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day (5th February), MUSLIM Institute reminds UNO to play its role to resolve the issue according to UNSC resolutions by providing the basic human right (right of self-determination) to the people of Jammu & Kashmir. United Nations should condemn the Indian atrocities in strong words and take measures so that the people of Jammu & Kashmir get their right of self-determination according to UNSC resolutions.


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